The Millennium Dome

On the following day we somehow couldn't avoid going to see the Millennium Dome and its Millennium Show, since this is also 'on topic' in a way, given that Peter Gabriel wrote the music...
We only spent two or three hours there but the regular admission fee of 20 UK pounds makes it advisable to spend the full day on the premises; you won't run out of things to do, provided you have some kids with you and a lot of stamina! Anyway, our focus of interest was obviously the 45-min Millennium Dome show which takes place twice a day in the middle of the Dome 'tent'.

The main entrance to the Dome tent
This wall on the left of the entrance changes its view back and forthThe Body Zone

Well, all in all I was only moderately impressed; I had expected a little more, especially in the visual department, although these photos below don't look too bad, do they?

The music isn't too far away from the sounds that are typical for the "US" album. There is only one song during the show that Gabriel sings on himself, Father Son, a slow ballad, while the two or three other songs with vocals are sung by others. Apparently these versions will be on the soon to be released soundtrack album; according to Jon Webster there is also a version of this album planned with only Gabriel on vocals, but only after "UP"...
So it's Open End on that but for us our time in London was now over and it was back to Germany.

Volker Warncke
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